Porquerolles 7 km long and 3 km wide : 1250 hectares. Porquerolles is the biggest of the 3 golden islands (îles d'or), on the west side. and the most inhabited.Opening to the sea trough the beaches Notre-Dame, la Courtade, plage d'Argent and the harbour.

Port PorquerollesSentiers Porquerolles
Discover the island of Porquerolles thanks to its 4 pathways (walking or biking) following a color code. From 45 mn to 3h00 with the bicycle and from 1h30 to 5h00 by walking.

  • Circuit du Levant (yellow) direction Notre Dame - medium to sportiv
  • Circuit du Midi (orange) direction Lighthouse- easy
  • Circuit du Couchant (blue) direction Langoustier - medium
  • Cirduit du Mistral (red) direction Notre Dame - easy

Alternately wild or welcoming, in their panorama of greenery, the golden islands "îles d'or" offer a diversity of the mediteranean landscapes, from the bush and the forest to fertile plains and arable. Real garden under the sea, with a unique pure water, the splendid seabed of the islands will bring to the diver a colored world of algae and fishes.

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